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This Autumn Season will Bridge the Bohemian Romantic Feeling from Spring and Summer into a New Look
By Anne Stewart Page

Today's Woman Magazine, Volume 16, Issue 6, Fall 2002, Page 22

Are you ready to embrace a silhouette that's bolder, curve-hugging and all out SEXY?

"Being sexy has nothing to do with what designers say is sexy. It has to do with your own take on sexy," says Bay Garnett, Cheap Date editor.

The star color that will be the center of fashion this upcoming season will be Black.

The following colors will be ivory, gray, wine and coffee, blended with rich plums, caramels and deep reds. Patterns will be pin-striped, tweed, plaid and herringbone, coupled with wonderful fabrics, such as duchess satin, chiffon, tulle, suede, leather, velvet, fur, wool and cashmere.

The first glimpse from the runways at Prada reveals that the Autumn standout pieces will be: Pencil skirts shaped and cut close to the body, which draws a clean, slimming line from waist to knee. Shoulders are the best asset for many women, so here comes the sexy shirt. It will be v-necked, squared, off the shoulder to be revealing and sexual. Pants are to be long and slightly slouchy. When worn with a melodramatic top or jacket, the effect is more slimming.

The jackets this Fall will be cropped and fitted. Military and bomber styles are in. Coats will be cinched at the waist and belted a look that is form-fitting but not restricted. Vests that will be on the scene will be fashioned from suede, fur and fur-like fabrics.

The shoes will be smashing. For the bold, 5" pointed Stiletto's and for the tame, comfort, stacked heels, pumps, sling backed, pointed or squared.

The power suit is sexier and more sculptured than ever. For an hour-glassed look that can pass at the office, choose black with slim pants and a jacket that is nipped at the waist.

Glistening with gold jewelry, the standout will be a cross necklace. Handbags will be square shaped and generous sized.

Each season, one accessory emerges as the "IT" item. Silk tulle scarves wins the prize this fall.

I attended several events in the past weeks with everyone just raving about how great I looked with a radiant glow. What had been the transformation? My daughter treated me to what I would like to convey as a prescription for this Autumn-a new makeover. A French manicure, pedicure with RED polish, hair restyled, highlighted, and cut shorter to frame my face and wearing new colors in makeup. I wore a two-piece outfit made of shantung silk, a yellow printed dress with matching jacket and 4" red heeled shoes. I felt great with a flavoring of sexy.

Sexiness is not something that can be faked. It is a confidence, a sparkle, a sassiness that comes from deep inside.

My prescription to spice up your life is: Get your nails done, hand and foot. Have your hair restyled, wear new colors. Buy yourself a new outfit and wear heels.

Fabrics are fibers in many different forms and uses

Throughout my sewing career, I have created items for apparel and products constructed of different fibers. Twelve years ago, I was working a promotion with a marketing company that wanted to create a vehicle for advertising business logos.

We fashioned the idea of making "Paper Jackets," using rectangle sheets (48 x 36) of Tyvek as the "tough and strong" paper made into mailing envelopes. Actually this paper as we see it is not paper at all. It is a manmade fiber produced into petroleum.

After printing, "the sheets of paper" were returned to us for cutting and assembly. Each pattern piece was individually cut from these printed rectangles. They were assembled using a serger machine to insure that the garment would not pull apart at the seams. After sewing, we then took it to a commercial laundry for the washing process to obtain softness and a crinkled look. We transformed paper-like fibers into a soft, durable and fashionable jacket.

The newest technology we need to keep our sight on comes from a phone and internet connection provider, France Telecon. Developers Emmanuel Deflin and co-workers have developed a fabric woven of plastic optical fibers that can glow with a series of different images, much like a TV screen. The battery-powered optical fiber should "open new horizons" for fashion designers. It could mean never again being stuck wearing the same outfit as someone else. You could us a mobile phone to download a whole new look. Some jackets might not just advertise movies, but show them! Stay tuned!