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Holiday Fashion - Collections Reminiscent of the Past
By Anne Stewart Page

Today's Woman Magazine, Volume 16, Issue 8, Holiday 2002, Page 29,30

The holiday fashion collections are reminiscent of my earlier years with my mother, Rose, and movie and television star from the 40's and 50's, Loretta Young.

I still can recall the scene. A large, tall door opens slowly and a beautiful lady with a friendly smile and pleasant voice greets each person almost face-to-face. She twirls with the fashions of that evening's episode on her weekly television show.

Classic, simple, elegant she made her personal statement of fashion. A truly feminine figure displaying graciousness and hospitality.

As I grew up, I always thought my mother Rose was a "movie star." After all, she was tall, beautiful and extremely classic in her appearance and demeanor. She presented herself with style, grace, and a picture of softness and femininity. She was always coordinated with her accessories of jewelry, shoes, handbags and scarves.

There were several outfits that she wore which are in vogue again today; outfits which evoked feelings of romance, sexiness and femininity.

The First: Mother Rose's full cut black circle skirt made from soft, sheer fabric, which appeared to be flowing with simplicity and glamour. She "handed me down" this skirt while I was in my teens and I did the same for my daughter. This past summer, while going through storage boxes preparing for a garage sale, my daughter and I discovered "our" black skirt! It's age is probably over 50 years, yet it is still in acceptable condition.

The Second: A long knit slinky black dress with a beautiful scarf draped and tied around my mother's neck. There is something to be said about a woman wearing clothes made of fabrics that allow her to feel elegant, like a special princess or the "Belle of the Ball."

I am very pleased to have found a source in California that manufactures a similar style of skirt and dress that resembles those worn by my mother. The dress is made from today's fabrics of Lycra and Spandex. The skirt, made of Ebony and Ivory chiffon, is full and flowing.

Over the past weekend, I presented my fashions and gifts at my church's holiday bazaar. I shared conversation with several women about these newest fashions, about Loretta and Rose and how they danced in my memories with such flair. I requested these women try on these great dresses. They thought the dresses would not look good on them. I suggested they see how they fit and then share their opinions with me.

The remarks were as follows: "I never thought this would fit me." "1 did not think I could wear this dress." "It makes me feel more like a woman!" "My husband would love it." "I feel like dancing."

The lycra dresses are simple and just wonderful for most body types. 1 sold five dresses to women who only wear dresses on special occasions, and then only if they could find one that would "cover and hide" their years of living.

These dresses with their uniqueness and fabric really do enhance your body image. Once you put one on, you will be ready for the second one.

My newest accessory is a "Rosette Scarf that highlights the season with a shimmering effect when it is elegantly draped off the shoulder.

As women we get into the "rut of living" with hectic schedules, non-stop activities, commitments, and the whole pace of modern life. Perhaps what we need is to stop in our tracks... take a step or two backwards, stand still, open our eyes, and take a little time to focus our attention on ourselves.

Clothing can elevate feelings of self-esteem and reinforce a stronger sense of self worth. Fabrics that feel nice to the touch make us feel good.

This holiday season, fashions are definitely flowing with femininity and for me, with the memories of two ladies who were my role models. 1 hope they are happy with me carrying on their images of classic style and elegant grace as they flowed, swished and danced through life.

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